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During the countries last major recession in the early 1990’s, literally hundreds of window installers and companies were ceasing to trade each week.

Many of these failures were due to lack of public spending, cheap products, mismanagement, and as a result, hundreds and thousands of customers were left stranded with worthless guarantees, defective products, and deteriorating properties with still the possibility of reoccurring problems.

Homeowners were faced with the prospect of spending thousands of pounds of hard earned money replacing these defective products only to find themselves in a similar predicament a few years later.

Having recognised this, and with the experience of our director, we formed a company to offer a lifeline to these unfortunate homeowners who had fallen foul to years of misrepresentation and often poorly installed products.

Window Warranty North West Ltd was born. A specialist company offering homeowners replacement guarantees, repairs to maximise performance, increased security, quality in upgraded locking mechanisms and fixtures, and ultimately financial protection for their largest asset.

We have serviced, repaired and reissued guarantees to thousands of UPVC products throughout the country and saved domestic homeowners thousands of pounds by not having to replace their products.

Window Warranty™ has previously operated under franchised management companies. It became evident upon review that these management companies had not looked after our customers to the standard that we wished them to be and as a consequence of this we removed all franchise license agreements.

Window Warranty North West Ltd is the single direct owner of the Window Warranty brand, and in making these changes we have secured the future of the company and the integrity of any guarantees and extended warranties that our customers have taken out with us.

A company that cares about customers and strives to create 100% satisfaction is a very rare commodity these days, but we have it right, and it is our belief that we are the best in the business.

By putting the customer first and not ourselves, we remain to be unchallenged in the quality of our service and the professionalism of our employees.

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Window Warranty (NW) Ltd
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T: 0800 999 2332
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